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One of the most effective ways to improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of your manufacturing operation is by attracting highly skilled employees and providing them with the right training to keep them engaged in their work. 

NEPIRC’s workforce engagement services focus on evaluating the competencies and potential of your current personnel and identifying the training they need to take their skill sets to the next level. Through our onboarding programs, job skills and leadership training, and human resources support, we can help you build and retain a highly skilled manufacturing team that will move you one step closer to achieving manufacturing excellence.

NEPIRC’s Workforce Engagement services include:

Employee Onboarding

Hiring new employees and getting them oriented and up to speed doesn’t have to take months. NEPIRC will help you put processes in place to proactively predict and plan for your hiring needs and quickly get your new hires trained to perform independently without lengthy gaps in your production capacity.

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Skills Evaluation & Needs Assessment

Getting the most from your workforce means putting the right skills in the right positions and nurturing natural aptitudes and competencies to achieve more. NEPIRC can evaluate your employees’ skill sets and assess your needs to help you make strategic decisions and create a plan for training.

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Job Skills, Compliance, and Leadership Training

Employees that are engaged in their work and confident in their capabilities remain in positions longer and bring more experience to their tasks, which translates into more efficient operations and a positive workplace culture. NEPIRC supports manufacturers with the latest industry training to improve job performance, ensure safety and regulatory compliance, and increase employee satisfaction.

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Human Resources Support

Let a NEPIRC specialty advisor connect you with the human resources support you need to create effective policies for workplace conduct, safety, and compliance, implement performance reviews and determine appropriate compensation, and strategically plan for future workforce needs. We can also assist you with company-wide training on issues related to workforce culture, safety, and more.

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Get Started Now with a Free Workforce Assessment Survey

Let a MANTEC specialty advisor help you build and retain a highly skilled team that will move you one step closer to manufacturing excellence.


Get Started Now with a Free Workforce Assessment Survey

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Consider the hazards that exist and how they can make your employees and operation vulnerable.

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