Everything that we do at NEPIRC is geared toward the modernization and success of small and mid-sized companies. We are dedicated to helping you find the tools to innovate rapidly, allowing you to continually reinvent your organization and enter new markets. Whether it’s assessing a problem, implementing a solution, or providing training for your workforce, our goal is to impact your bottom-line performance as a company. Take a look at the services that we provide and feel free to call us or drop us an e-mail with any questions.


Many organizations struggle with how to implement effective sales and marketing strategies and practices. Manufacturers in particular know their products and services well and how their offerings can benefit others. However, a key challenge that most manufacturers face is finding qualified potential customers cost effectively. This task becomes exponentially more challenging as manufacturers attempt to penetrate markets in which they have limited knowledge, brand awareness and reputation.


Improved productivity allows our clients to meet customer demands for reduced prices, fill smaller customer orders, achieve on-time and just-in-time delivery requirements and win more price-sensitive business without compromising profitability. We help clients cut lead times, eliminate waste, improve machine uptime and implement Continuous Improvement systems.


Companies that achieve and maintain high quality standards consistently outperform their competition and grow sales. Quality certifications are available specific to your industry. Many large corporate buyers require their suppliers maintain current certifications. These certifications are recognized as the measure of a manufacturer’s excellence in quality systems.


NEPIRC offers training and coaching that gives managers and leaders the skills they need to solve problems, standardize work, communicate with all levels of staff and execute a plan. Poor leadership causes high turnover, low employee morale, high absenteeism and multiple other performance problems. When employees perform the same job differently across shifts, that’s also a sign of poor supervision.


We understand that mapping out a growth strategy and implementing a financial strategy to maintain your growth go hand in hand. A well-defined business strategy helps an organization to focus on important areas, allowing them to properly allocate resources to those activities that provide the most benefit. The right strategy and financing solution will help an organization to continually innovate and become the foundation of business expansion and growth.


Creating a local, Pennsylvania-based supply chain provides a variety of benefits to manufacturers. These benefits vary by industry, but some most commonly cited are shorter lead times, lower material handling costs, shorter delivery times and less inventory carrying costs. Companies that are currently purchasing products or parts from an off shore supplier may also benefit from localizing their supply chain.