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NEPIRC’s services maximize manufacturer growth and competitiveness in an ever-changing global economy. NEPIRC’s consultative engagements and approach are right-sized for each client to achieve immediate and sustainable positive results. Across hundreds of client surveys, companies cite NEPIRC’s staff expertise, reputation for getting results and practical cost of services as the top three reasons for partnering with NEPIRC – 93% of clients would refer NEPIRC to a colleague.

Two focused men in hard hats and neon work vests using a manufacturing machine.


Training company leadership and employees at all levels of your organization empowers team members to communicate effectively and perform workplace roles efficiently. With the right training and coaching, our clients realize increased productivity, improved profitability and lower turnover – which combine for a real competitive edge.

NEPIRC offers training and coaching on the following topics:

  • High Impact Leadership
  • Leadership Development Essentials
  • Supervisor & Leadership Assessments, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Talent & Key Employee Succession Planning
  • Corporate Culture Assessments & Action Plans
  • Change Management
  • Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environment
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • Root Cause Problem Solving
  • Eight Discipline (8D) Problem Solving
  • Project Management Certification
  • CEO & Executive Networks

Learn more about NEPIRC’s talent development services and plan your next training.

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NEPIRC has extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and technologies, and our team of experts can help you create more efficient workflows through Continuous Improvement (Lean), Six Sigma, Kata and other proven best practices. Nearly two-thirds of NEPIRC clients are pursuing operating cost reduction strategies with our assistance – learn more about how we can help your company as well.

NEPIRC offers expert Kaizen events, implementations and supporting training in the following areas.

  • Plant Floor Layout, Design, Redesign & Workflow Simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Workplace Organization (5S or 6S)
  • Rapid Equipment Changeover (SMED)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM
  • Standard Work Instructions
  • Toyota Kata (Coaching & Implementation)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (Event, Training & Mentoring)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt (Event, Training & Mentoring)

NEPIRC also offers expert training in the following Continuous Improvement and related disciplines.

  • Lean Specialist Certification
  • Project Management Certification
  • Root Cause Problem Solving
  • Eight Discipline (8D) Problem Solving
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Find out how NEPIRC’s process improvement services can benefit your business.

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NEPIRC offers certification services and related training programs to ensure that your company achieves and maintains the certifications needed in order to attract new customers and remain profitable and competitive. These services include International Standards Organization (ISO), food industry, risk management and supply chain strategies. NEPIRC has a 100% success rate in client certification achievement.

NEPIRC provides certification and training in the following areas:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Standard)
  • ISO AS9100 (Aerospace Standard)
  • ISO 45001 (Safety Standard)
  • ISO Internal Auditor Training
  • Specialized Process Audits
  • Food Defense Plan (Development & Training)
  • Food Recall Plan (Development & Training)
  • Food Safety Plan (Development & Training)
  • Safe Food Quality (SQF) Certification
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Certification
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification
  • Preventative Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) Certification
  • Risk Management & Supply Chain Strategies

Get more information about NEPIRC’s certification services.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technologies & Industry 4.0

Leverage NEPIRC’s expertise to learn about, evaluate and implement the advanced technologies manufacturers need to effectively compete, grow and address workforce challenges in the years ahead. Nearly 25% of NEPIRC’s clients are currently evaluating an Industry 4.0 technology such as automation, 3D printing and cloud computing. Leverage NEPIRC’s objectivity and brand-neutrality to fine the solution that fits your company.

NEPIRC can help you explore, understand, evaluate and integrate the following new technologies:

  • Automation Services
    • Cobots
    • Robots
    • Automated Material Handlers
  • Cloud-Based Solution & Connected (“Smart”) Factories
  • Cybersecurity & Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – DoD Supplies
  • Cybersecurity & Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – Non-DoD Suppliers
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Evaluation & Selection
  • SolidWorks® Basics, Essentials & Advanced
  • SolidWorks® 2D Conversion to 3D Model Conversion
  • Specialized Machine Design & Integration

NEPIRC’s Innovation Space

is also available to manufacturers wanting to explore additive manufacturing (3D printing), 3D scanning, rapid prototyping and other technologies.

Which technology acceleration services will help you achieve your business goals?

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Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

NEPIRC’s safety offerings are designed to provide clients with accurate, up-to-date information on environmental health and safety issues that manufacturers face by covering topics like workplace safety, safety regulations and policies, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness, safety audits and inspections and industrial hygiene, along with providing inspection guides, checklists and more. NEPIRC is a proud member of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Alliance. As an Alliance affiliate, NEPIRC can expand its industrial safety training programs and employee safety services to regional manufacturers by accessing additional OSHA-approved training materials, working collaboratively with OSHA to develop new educational and service programs and having enhanced relationships with OSHA’s team of Compliance Assistance and Outreach Specialists. NEPIRC is committed to enhancing the safety of all its clients and can design programs to address specific client safety concerns.


NEPIRC provides safety coaching and training in the following areas:

  • Arc Flash / NFPA 70E
  • EHS Gemba Walks
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift Training
  • Forklift-Train-the-Trainer
  • Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) Training
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • Safety Hazard Recognition & Gemba Walk Training

Additional training topics and customized coaching and training approaches are also available.

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