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Manufacturing Education Guide 2023

NEPIRC is pleased to release its Manufacturing Education Guide that connects students with affordable education and great manufacturing career options. Click below to download your copy.

Training, Upskilling, Networking & Events

Explore NEPIRC’s training courses, workshops and events designed to provide immediate benefits and high ROI.

NEPIRC Releases Pennsylvania Manufacturing Industry Report

Click below to download your copy of the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Industry Report 2023 – an in-depth publication highlighting the impact and importance of manufacturing across the Commonwealth.


Talent Development

Get the training and coaching that will give your employees the skills they need to solve problems, standardize work, communicate effectively, and execute a plan.
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Process Improvement

Cut lead times, eliminate waste, improve machine uptime, and implement continuous improvement systems with the help of experts who understand manufacturing.
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Industry Certifications

Remain competitive and profitable by acquiring and maintaining the certifications that are recognized as the measures of manufacturing excellence.
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Technology Acceleration / Industry 4.0

Advance your manufacturing with the automation, connectivity, and data management that are essential for competing in the Industry 4.0 environment.
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Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

NEPIRC’s safety offerings are designed to provide clients with accurate, up-to-date information on environmental health and safety issues that manufacturers face by covering topics like workplace safety, safety regulations and policies, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness, safety audits and inspections and industrial hygiene, along with providing inspection guides, checklists and more.
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NEPIRC offers the guidance and support necessary for business leaders to not only remain current in the active market, but to trailblaze industry standards and set expectations.

Darlene Glynn, CEO
HRC Manufacturing

NEPIRC is always there to support my business. Its knowledgeable staff is easy to work with and can customize any of its programs to meet my specific business need.

Rudy Singh P.E., Senior Director Of Manufacturing
IG Design Group

The type of nimbleness and flexibility that NEPIRC exercised, along with the network that was needed in that situation, could not be matched by many larger consulting firms having much deeper resources and budgets.

Gregory Stanton, CEO
North American Manufacturing

NEPIRC recently helped us address a capacity issue in the most efficient way possible – allowing us to continue to work within our current footprint, while increasing our plant’s output by 50%. NEPIRC is a tremendous asset to northeastern PA and its manufacturing community.

Grace McGregor-Kramer, VP of Strategy & Operations
McGregor Industries

NEPIRC has assisted Cheetah Chassis for over 20 years by providing high-quality training and support in all aspects of our business functions.

Mr. Garry Hartman, President

On-site trainings are back!

NEPIRC is once again welcoming visitors and hosting on-site training in conjunction with our virtual training!

Tell us about your business needs.

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