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Multimedia Studio

NEPIRC’s Multimedia Studio is the organization’s latest advance in leveraging state-of-the-art technology to give NEPIRC, our team members, the manufacturers and entrepreneurs we serve, and our 11-county region meaningful competitive advantage.

With the support of our federal and state legislators, the PA Department of Community & Economic Development, the U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program, and our board of directors, NEPIRC created a facility unique to our region and among the first of its kind nationwide. Designed in collaboration with broadcasting, audio production, social media, and architectural experts, the Multimedia Studio offers limitless opportunities while keeping flexibility, functionality, and customer experience in mind.

The Multimedia Studio enables NEPIRC to provide:

  • The most engaging, innovative, and impactful prerecorded online, online-live, hybrid, and in-person training on topics relevant to manufacturing businesses and their workforces, including those within our Talent Development suite of disciplines.
  • Course development and adaptive broadcasting capabilities that allow our training to be tailored to individual needs or offered in multi-company networked formats.
  • Technical and post-production expertise to create engaging video content for websites and social media.
  • Customer-engaging, real-time product presentations and demonstrations.
  • Recorded or broadcast virtual employee updates.
  • Impressive meetings with investors, vendors, strategic partners, and key stakeholders.
  • A space for entrepreneurs, innovators, and aspiring inventors to create cutting-edge demonstrations, host virtual meetings with collaboration partners, or produce winning pitch presentations to potential investors and stakeholders.
  • Full greenscreen technology that can amplify reach and accelerate sales by giving a worldwide market presence literally overnight.
  • Breaking news, industry trends, emerging topics, and changes in the manufacturing landscape through our YouTube channel for manufacturers, impromptu podcasts, and other outreach.
  • Podcasts and engaging interviews that highlight the success and growth of our existing manufacturers and celebrate the arrival of new companies.
  • Informational videos emphasizing our region’s industrial strength to capture the attention of companies just beginning their site selection process.

Interested to learn more about how you can utilize NEPIRC’s Multimedia Studio for your unique need?

Innovation Space

NEPIRC’s Innovation Space offers endless opportunities for manufacturers who are interested in additive manufacturing. With 3D printing capabilities, you and your team can use the Innovation Space to create and print products for your customers.

The Innovation Space includes:

  • Six workstations with SolidWorks 2017
  • Fortus 250mc 3D Printer
    • 254 x 254 x 305mm build envelope
    • ABSPlus material with soluble support material
    • 0.17mm finest detail layer height
    • Heated print enclosure to ensure tolerances
  • Mojo 3D Printer
    • 127 x 127 x 127mm
    • ABSPlus material with soluble support material
    • 0.17mm finest detail layer height
  • Two WaveWash tanks (large and small part) for support structure removal
  • Dedicated insight slicing software workstation
  • Microsoft Surface HUB2s for collaboration

Interested to learn more about how you can utilize NEPIRC’s Innovation Space for your unique needs?

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