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Focusing your business to improve productivity and quality

In today’s global marketplace, striving to perfect your manufacturing processes is not a once-and-done event. Process improvement is a method of continually maintaining your competitive edge through the constant evaluation, adaptation, and innovation of the processes, practices, and procedures that make up your business. 

With extensive knowledge of regional, national, and global manufacturing practices, NEPIRC can help guide your operation to greater productivity, higher product quality, and more efficient workflows using LEAN, Six Sigma, and other manufacturing best practices best suited for your manufacturing environment.

Process Improvement services include:

Team-Based Problem Solving

Improve quality and on-time delivery while reducing operating costs with efficient, effective team-based problem solving. NEPIRC offers A3 training conducted by experienced manufacturing professionals who possess extensive knowledge of the A3 methodology.

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LEAN Manufacturing

Manufacturers are increasingly relying on LEAN practices to implement maintenance that minimizes unplanned downtime and maximizes equipment output. These practices also produce dramatic waste reductions, productivity improvements, and higher quality.

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Six Sigma

NEPIRC offers Six Sigma certification programs that help manufacturers minimize product defects, reduce labor costs, improve customer’s experiences, and contribute to the development of strong organizational leaders.

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ISO Certification

ISO is an internationally recognized quality management system, and NEPIRC provides training and resources for a variety of ISO certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and certifications for the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and food industries.

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Get Assistance with Process Improvement

Let a MANTEC specialty advisor help you identify your needs and get you on your way to a strategic process improvement plan that produces results.


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