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Job Description Duties

(Based on 17-20 hours/week, 15 Dream Team members)

Scheduling Classroom Presentations

  • Communicate with educators who have requested a presentation
  • Select/assign presentations to specific NEPIRC Dream Team members based on educator requests
  • Oversee communication between educators and assigned members to confirm finalized presentation date and expectations
  • Collect feedback following classroom presentations using NEPIRC Dream Team survey questions
  • Identify schools and/or classroom teachers for future opportunities
  • Collaborate with other organizations who may want to promote or utilize the program
  • Distribute PA Dream Team Career Readiness artifact to educators for student CH339 folders
  • Attend in-school events to support Northeast PA Dream Team members as needed

Overall Program

  • Attend regular planning meetings with NEPIRC’s Manager of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Assist in facilitating onboarding process of new Northeast PA Dream Team members
  • Schedule initial meeting(s) with PA Dream Team Lead Trainer to review the PA Dream Team workbook
  • Assist in developing and distributing NEPIRC Dream Team collateral
  • Order program supplies as needed
  • Collect pictures and quotes to be used in marketing materials
  • Collaborate with NEPIRC’s Manager of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement to enhance social media campaign
  • Attend monthly calls with PA Dream Team Regional Program Coordinators
  • Work with NEPIRC’s Manager of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement to ensure growth and sustainability
  • Collect and compile necessary documentation for PA Clearance requirements for those volunteering with children
  • Implement exit interviews when appropriate
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