NEPIRC is spearheading a statewide initiative to create a Pennsylvania-based supply chain and bring manufacturing jobs back to Pennsylvania. In an effort to help assist manufacturers in their reshoring efforts, make them aware of reshoring opportunities, facilitate buyer/supplier connections and ultimately reshore products, bringing jobs back to Pennsylvania and the U.S., NEPIRC offers the following services.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Often purchase cost or landed cost is the only consideration when making purchase decisions. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) gives companies the ability to account financially for each activity along the supply chain, including costs associated with the acquisition of materials, transportation, inventory, storage, expediting and oversight.

TCO helps companies make strategic sourcing decisions and the TCO calculator can facilitate side-by-side comparisons of up to 4 suppliers, analyzing multiple sourcing possibilities on a global scale.

We also offer a no-cost workshop that helps participants access their TCO and use the TCO calculator.

Supply Chain Leadership Overview

Competition is no Longer Between Companies — It is Between Supply Chains

Our volatile economy means that manufacturers have to be much more agile, flexible, and responsive to external pressures. On average, supply chain costs as a percentage of sales are 52%. The Supply Chain Leadership Overview helps demonstrate the advantages of incorporating a strategic approach to supply chain management to reduce risk and increase supply chain visibility.

Learn about the key elements required for supply chain optimization while gaining a better understanding of the destabilizing effects of dependence, variation, lack of supply chain visibility and forecast inaccuracy.

Risk Management – Supply Chain Strategy

Risk is everywhere and it impacts companies large and small….It doesn’t sleep and it often shows up uninvited.

The 4 major elements of a risk management program include Risk Intelligence, Risk Analysis, Risk Treatment, and Risk Monitoring and Response. Learn to identify the triggers of risk events, the importance of developing a plan to mitigate them when they do occur, and how to establish monitoring metrics and activities.

logo-loginAre you considering reshoring your operations or sourcing domestically? Pennsylvania’s suppliers may be able to manufacture and produce the items you need. NEPIRC can provide you with no-cost supplier scouting assistance through the Reshore2PA is a platform for connecting manufacturers that want to reshore parts and products to Pennsylvania with suppliers that can manufacture them. Manufacturers post reshoring requests online and Pennsylvania’s regional economic development partners scout potential suppliers and help make buyer-supplier connections. You can post the item you want to reshore on Reshore2PA, and we’ll find Pennsylvania suppliers that can provide the manufacturing services you need.

Made In Northeastern PA

NEPIRC has partnered with the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal to feature Northeastern and Northern Tier Pennsylvania companies each month in the publication. This full-page feature highlights the successful partnerships that NEPIRC has formed with these prominent manufacturers.

Companies interested in becoming a “Made in Northeastern PA” featured manufacturer are encouraged to contact Colleen Reardon, NEPIRC’s Events and Marketing Manager at