NEPIRC is spearheading a statewide initiative to bring manufacturing jobs back to Pennsylvania. Through collaboration with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Partners for Regional Economic Performance, Workforce Investment Boards, and other Industrial Resource Centers across Pennsylvania, NEPIRC will assist companies in more accurately assessing their total cost of offshore production or foreign sourcing of supply chain inputs and help them to find a Pennsylvania-based supply chain alternative.

On April 22nd, NEPIRC kicked off the effort by hosting a seminar featuring Mr. Harry Moser, President of The Reshoring Initiative, a national group that supports domestic manufacturing. Mr. Moser’s presentation noted that most companies make sourcing decisions based on catalog or purchase price alone – resulting in a 20 to 30 percent understatement of actual landed costs. Mr. Moser’s firm, on the other hand, advocates a model that considers over 30 different cost factors, many of which are currently overlooked by manufacturing buyers. When this model is used, businesses often discover that it is more cost effective to bring work back to Pennsylvania or buy from Pennsylvania-based suppliers when compared to overseas production or overseas purchases.

NEPIRC sponsored the presentation as part of its Make It In America Challenge Grant program, which is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

“Enthusiasm for American-made products and the reshoring of manufacturing capacity back to the United States has never been higher, and our Make It In America Challenge Grant initiative will put Pennsylvania at the forefront of that conversation,” says Eric Joseph Esoda, NEPIRC’s Executive Director. “Our goal here is to create Pennsylvania-based supply chains for currently outsourced products sold to larger manufacturers, and I am confident of our success,” he added.

The seminar was intended to educate NEPIRC’s partners throughout Pennsylvania on the initiative. Next steps will be to create a website to engage and assist manufacturers in their reshoring efforts, make them aware of reshoring opportunities, facilitate buyer/supplier connections and ultimately reshore products, bringing jobs back to Pennsylvania and the U.S.

April 23, 2014