NEPIRC Clients Report $15.6 Million in Sales Impact and 176 Jobs as Result of NEPIRC Engagements

During the third quarter of 2011, the national market research firm of Turner Marketing invited 14 past and present NEPIRC clients to participate in a voluntary survey designed to quantify the financial and operational returns (or ROIs) of engagements NEPIRC performed for them approximately one year earlier. Turner Marketing surveyed the clients. Their engagements included Lean Enterprise Implementation Assistance, Six Sigma Training and Implementation, Leadership Development Training, Sales Process Re-Engineering and other key NEPIRC services.

Thirteen clients participated in the survey, and collectively they reported over $15.6 million in new or retained sales, $2.9 million of plant expansion or new equipment purchases, $1.2 million in operating cost savings and the creation or retention of 176 manufacturing jobs. In total, over $19.8 million of ROI was reported, not inclusive of job impacts.