National Distributor of Dental Devices Receives LEED Certification

Benco Dental’s CenterPoint headquarters has been designated as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED) Silver Certified facility by the Green Building Certification Institute of the United States Green Building Council (or USGBC). LEED certification is awarded to facilities that have complied with the USGBC’s comprehensive guidelines for reducing resource use and environmental impact in almost every phase of building design, construction and operation.

Benco Dental knew that applying for LEED certification was the logical next step in their commitment to “going green” when they relocated to the CenterPoint Industrial Park in Pittston Township. According to Barry Hendrickson, a Benco Dental Continuous Improvement and LEED Green Associate, “the LEED certification program supports Benco’s long-standing ‘green’ philosophy to leave the smallest environmental impact on the community.”

Prior to earning its LEED certification, the company had already implemented a recycling program, under which over 55% of its solid waste is diverted from landfills, a facility-wide paper reduction program that reduced paper usage by 30%, and an energy conservation initiative that required Energy Star ratings for all appliance and electronics purchases.

Benco Dental worked with a LEED certified professional to assist them in their successful quest for LEED certification. When asked to describe the Benco LEED certification pursuit experience, Mr. Hendrickson replied, “To sum it up in two words – very comprehensive. There is not really any area, department or portion of the organization that was not touched by either the application, preparation or certification process. LEED certification is a team event that excels through a team effort.”

NEPIRC’s commends Benco Dental for this outstanding achievement and applauds the company’s effort to practice outstanding corporate citizenry, while also realizing tangible operating cost savings, through innovative environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives.

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