NEPIRC and Meyers High School partnered for a Careers in Engineering event that introduced students to career options in engineering, manufacturing and the applied sciences on April 26, 2013.

As part of the career awareness program, Leo Gilroy, NEPIRC’s Director of Strategy & Innovation Services, who holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Temple University, provided an overview of careers in engineering and manufacturing to Meyers High School students and answered their individual questions. Kathleen Bolinski, NEPIRC’s Youth Apprentice Program Coordinator, facilitated the event.

“Providing students with career awareness opportunities so that they can make informed choices regarding their future studies or post-graduation employment options is an important aspect of our public mission,” said Ms. Bolinski. “The manufacturing industry is rich in job opportunities for engineers and young professionals with skills in science, technology and math. Presenting an accurate depiction of those careers helps improve the image of manufacturing and gets more students interested in our region’s largest and best-paying industry sector”, she added.