To market effectively and achieve top-line growth and profitability, companies must build a competitive edge to enter new markets, develop new products or acquire new customers.

Whether you are looking for new markets, trying to learn more about the existing marketplace or trying to generate and target more qualified leads for your product, NEPIRC growth services can help you get there. NEPIRC growth services are designed to meet individual client needs and are measured for maximum return on investment.


In today’s global economy, competition is aggressive and companies must continually innovate to remain competitive. Profitable innovation and product development doesn’t just happen, it must be managed, measured, and executed upon. Innovation is imperative for long term success. NEPIRC’s New Product Development services will help your organization create the culture and framework to stimulate product innovation.

Lead Generation

Let us clarify your value propositions, scout markets to identify opportunities that match well to your competencies, and target specific customers most likely to value your product or service. Then our professional team, acting as your inside sales support, will execute an outreach mail and telephone campaign to secure qualified leads for you to pursue. For more information, Email us at


A formal sales process and sales tools are integral and often overlooked components of sustainable revenue growth. NEPIRC can help you develop a sales process and tools utilizing proven methodologies and best practices. Once your process is developed, our Certified Sales Instructor can provide sales training tailored specifically to your business.

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)

Do you have a technology that gives you a competitive advantage but can’t find the best market segments and customers? Through TDMI, a systematic and comprehensive approach to technology-focused market research, we can identify new market opportunities for you.

Technology Scouting

Is your company interested in developing a new product but lacks the technology needed to complete it? Do you have product or process problems that could be made easier with the right technology solution? Would you like to find out if these technology solutions exist, but don’t know where to look? Technology Scouting helps identify solutions in industries outside of their normal view—bringing a broader perspective, additional resources, new fields, and unexpected solutions.