The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance recently completed an analysis of the manufacturing sector within the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The analysis was requested by NEPIRC and made available through its valued strategic partner and fellow MEP affiliate, Catalyst Connection of Pittsburgh.

According to the analysis, and resultant 2011 Manufacturing Scorecard, the manufacturing sector directly employs 27,103 workers within the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre MSA, supports an additional 35,474 service, retail and other sector jobs, and provides an average wage that is nearly 20% higher than the average prevailing all-industry MSA wage.

Manufacturing remains the largest sector within the MSA in terms of gross regional product and employs approximately 11% of the total regional workforce.

Since 2009, gross regional product per manufacturing employee – a primary indicator of worker efficiency, product uniqueness and manufacturer adoption of innovation and new technology – increased by 9.9%.

Since 2010, the average manufacturing wage within the MSA has increased by 4.5%, the value of manufacturing exports increased by over 66% to a current level of over $1.5 billion, and the MSA slightly outperformed the United States in terms of manufacturing establishment growth and stability.

For a viewable version of the 2011 Manufacturing Scorecard, CLICK HERE.

For a full text version of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance’s report and the 2011 Manufacturing Scorecard, please contact Eric Joseph Esoda, NEPIRC’s Executive Director, at