For those who may have missed its March publication, McGladrey & Pullen’s Winter 2011-2012 Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor Report provides valuable insight into the strategies of today’s successful manufacturers, based upon information received from over 1,500 executives. In addition to identifying a great increase in executive-level optimism about the year ahead, the report highlighted the following strategies for continued manufacturer growth:

  • Process Improvement Strategies
    • Improving supply chain integration and collaboration
    • Creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • Human Resources
    • Investing in the development of high-potential employees
    • Providing on-the-job training to Youth Apprentice or new-to-industry workers
  • Profitability
    • Moving from cost-based to value-based pricing for unique and differentiated products
  • Globalization
    • Creating a comprehensive exporting strategy and related organizational goals

The next McGladrey Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor survey will be launched shortly. NEPIRC will keep regional manufacturers aware of how they can participate in the survey as soon as that information becomes available.