Three NEPIRC professionals recently completed a rigorous Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI) training program as the organization continues to build the infrastructure needed to provide high-quality innovation services to regional manufacturers. Robert Zaruta, Jayne Evans and Nancy Markovich participated in the program, which illustrates the application of proven techniques that manufacturers can use to CREATE meaningfully unique ideas for new products, new markets, new services or new business models, COMMUNICATE those ideas internally within the organization and externally to potential customers, and COMMERCIALIZE ideas faster, more profitably, less expensively and with less risk.

The multi-day curriculum covered proven innovation methodologies such as Fermi Forecasting, TRIZ, Fourt-Woodlock Forecasting, Mind Mapping and Lateral Thinking.

Companies that participate in an IELI event typically report a 72% increase in the company’s ability to lead innovation, a 7X increase in the ability of their team to think creatively, a significant reduction in the time from idea development to first-sale revenue, and an 84% reduction in the development costs of new ideas.

Companies interested in learning more about the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute program and how they can participate in or host an IELI event at their facility, should contact NEPIRC at