Over 60 companies, including 12 from the northeastern PA region, are poised to capitalize on the Next Generation Railcar (NGR) domestic supply chain business opportunity by participating in the NGR Supply Chain Connectivity Forum being held on May 8, 2012 at the Marriott World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Through their participation in the Forum, these companies will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with purchasing agents and representatives from Bombardier Transportation, Electro Motive Diesels, GE Transportation, Knorr Brake Corporation, MotivePower, Talgo America, Wabtec and others.

On April 20, 2012, the California and Illinois Departments of Transportation jointly released a $551 million RFP for the construction of 130 next generation railcars, with options for 200 additional railcars, spare parts and special tooling. Companies interested in viewing the RFP that was sent to OEMs, or the related Bid Packet, can click on one of the following links – RFP or Bid Packet.

OEMs desiring to reply to this RFP will need to bring themselves into conformity with the “Buy American” clause of the California-Illinois RFP by creating a domestic supply chain for subcomponents, parts and subassemblies by no later than August 17, 2012. Time is therefore of the essence to these OEMS and any prospective OEM supplier for this particular RFP!

The upcoming NGR Supply Chain Connectivity Forum is an ideal way for regional manufacturers to meet one-on-one with OEMs that have expressed intent in participating in the NGR initiatives and therefore need to create a domestic supply chain. Forum attendees will also be able to participate in match-making meetings and other networking events.

With many more NGR RFPs expected to come out in the months ahead, the Forum is an excellent opportunity for regional manufacturers to “get in on the ground floor” with key rail industry players.

Registration fee waivers are still available from NEPIRC for this event for other manufacturers interested in participating. Companies interested in attending should contact NEPIRC’s Executive Director, Eric Joseph Esoda, at eric@nepirc.com for registration fee waiver information. Companies can also CLICK HERE to register online at no cost.