Five NEPIRC employees will sponsor and coach a team of aspiring Engineers at this year’s Engineering Olympics, which will be conducted on the campus of Wilkes University on March 30th. As part of the competition, the high school students on “Team NEPIRC” will be required design and construct a power-generating windmill, an electromagnetic crane, a floating barge with integrated winch points, a Butterworth filter and a working winch system. There will also be a special resistor manipulation competition, the specifics of which will remain unknown to the student teams and their sponsor-coaches until the day of the event.

Team performance will be evaluated based upon the power generated by their windmill, the transportation capabilities of their crane and its adherence to design specifications, the towing and load capabilities of their barge and similar testing appropriate for the devices they construct.

Last year, over 10 high schools participated in the competition, with over $40,000 of scholarship funds provided to the winners. NEPIRC is sponsoring the event and fielding a team of coaches as part of its overall initiative to increase student awareness of careers in Engineering and Advanced Materials Manufacturing.