NEPIRC has registration scholarships available for regional manufacturers interested in attending the Mid-Atlantic Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) TWI Job Instruction event being held on April 25th at Albany International in Homer, New York. NEPIRC will also host a pre-event networking dinner for northeastern Pennsylvania manufacturers during the evening of April 24th and provide group transportation to/from the event for interested manufacturers.

The AME event will feature a plant tour of Albany International – a global advanced textile and materials processing manufacturer – with a special emphasis on its Standardized Work, Pull/Kanban System, Visual Factory tools and 5-S programs. A presentation and demonstration of the Job Instruction component of the powerful Lean Enterprise tool of Training Within Industry (TWI) will follow the plant tour.

Companies interested in attending the event at a greatly reduced cost, attending NEPIRC’s client networking dinner the prior evening and/or participating in NEPIRC’s group travel to Homer, New York are encouraged to contact NEPIRC at 570-819-8966 or via email to

More information regarding the event, including hotel recommendations, is available by CLICKING HERE.